1. The Overlooked and Underrated Renovations

    Kitchen: check. Bathroom: check. Living room: check. This is the normal progression of renovation for many homeowners. But what if you’re overlooking some spaces that can add a ton of value to your home? Here are a few of the best and most underrated spaces to renovate in your home. Attic Attics are often overlooked as a usable space in the home, but have a lot of potential with a few structural…Read More

  2. Signs You Need a New Kitchen

    For anyone who loves to cook and eat, the kitchen is the cornerstone of the home. But a kitchen doesn’t always work the way you need it to, especially if it reminds you of your college dorm kitchen. From Chester County Additions Company to you—here are a few signs that your kitchen needs a proper renovation. There are always too many cooks in the kitchen. If you can’t sneak something out of …Read More

  3. Why You Need to Add a Deck to Your Home

    Here at the Chester County Addition Company, we know the value of home and of comfort better than anyone. That is why we have dedicated our business to ensuring that each of your home projects adheres to the highest standards of quality and design. There are endless ways to add your own personal flare and touches to your home, and we will gladly partner with you every step of the way. Our expertis…Read More