Kitchen: check. Bathroom: check. Living room: check. This is the normal progression of renovation for many homeowners. But what if you’re overlooking some spaces that can add a ton of value to your home? Here are a few of the best and most underrated spaces to renovate in your home.


Attics are often overlooked as a usable space in the home, but have a lot of potential with a few structural reinforcements. With lower roofs and limited floor space, attics aren’t necessarily the best home gyms, but can be transformed into playrooms, home theatres, or guest bedrooms that can add much-needed square footage without expanding the current blueprint of your home. Plus, you’ll be maximizing your home’s resale value.


Unfinished or partially finished basements often turn into dark and creepy storage areas for your old clothes, camping gear, and other items that only get used a few times a year. But many basement spaces have the potential to nearly double the livable square footage of your home.

Adding egress windows to your basement will bring your space up to fire code, and make any bedrooms in your basement “true bedrooms,” by real estate standards, which can spike your home’s resale value. Or, if you’d rather not add any new windows, you’ll have the perfect man cave for watching movies and sporting events.


While a deck isn’t a difficult or highly expensive addition to your home, it can create a large amount of usable entertaining space on your property and help you become more connected to the outdoors. Imagine going out onto your deck on a beautiful summer day, throwing some burgers on the grill, and sipping on a cold beverage with your family and friends. Nothing sounds better than that.

For the amount of money you invest, a deck can bring a ton of curb appeal, usable space, and equity to your home.

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